Welcome To My Webpage and Blog

Thanks for visiting my webpage and blog.  As I write this, I have been practicing law for about 16 years in the greater Cincinnati area.  My cases have taken me all across the Commonwealth of Kentucky (I have represented clients in matters in both Pikeville and Paducah - to recall the tagline of the old Dawahare's department stores) and the State of Ohio.  In addition, I have been admitted to practice in matters pending before state and federal courts in states as diverse as Utah, California, Minnesota, and New York. I encourage you to browse my website and learn more about me and my experience in my areas of practice.

I struck out on my own in January of 2017, forming the Law Office of Jason C. Kuhlman, PLLC.  I couldn't be more excited about operating as a solo practitioner.  I serve my clients with personal attention, and professionally but without the frills and pomp and circumstance that drive so much of the cost of legal services.  Running a light, agile operation allows me the flexibility to take on a wide variety of engagements. 

I am always particularly honored to receive a referral from a fellow attorney.  I take it as a reflection on not only how effectively I have practiced over my career, but also HOW I practice.  I aim to secure the best result possible for any client referred to me, and by doing so, confirm the sound judgment of the referring attorney who recommended me. 

In this space I will write periodically on aspects of the law that interest me, newsworthy items, life as a solo practitioner, and (what always seems to be a favorite topic) legal issues in popular culture.  Please come back to this page for updates!