Dispute Avoidance


Any litigated dispute is a problem with a price tag.  Needless to say, business disputes come with hefty price tags and should be avoided if possible.  Jason’s years of litigation experience has given him insight into how these disputes arise and what his clients (or the other parties) could have done to avoid it.  In some circumstances, better, more robust, and clearer contracts might place the client in a better position in litigation, or potentially cause the dispute to be avoided altogether.  In other situations, cooler heads could have prevailed, but didn’t.  Sometimes, it is as simple as the saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Clients have called upon Jason to review and improve their contracts, or draft contracts that aim to reduce the probability of future disputes by clearly state each party’s obligations, and place the client in the best position should a dispute arise. 

Jason has helped clients protect their business interest by adopting and implementing non-solicitation and non-competition agreements, and has given guidance on everyday legal questions that arise. 

When clients bring disputes to Jason, he is able to draw upon his experience in litigation to paint for them a vivid picture of what the litigation process is like and they need to expect when facing or contemplating litigation.  Even at this late stage, Jason has been – on occasion – able to de-fuse the situation and avoid litigation in favor of pre-suit resolution.